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Theology Impacting Outreach, Part II

The great mysteries of the Christian faith can be summed up by a few doctrines, the Trinity, Creation, God's desire to save sinners. And one, I find quite mysterious, the two natures of Christ, commonly referred to as the Hypostatic Union. Not mysterious, like weird, but more like hard to understand. What is so mysterious about the natures of Christ? Namely, that two whole...

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A Faithful Philosophy

Every business or organization has a philosophy that supports their overall mission and purpose. The popular fast food chain Burger King lived by a popular philosophy, "Have it Your Way." This motto was their business philosophy that aimed at meeting the needs of the customer. This philosophy guided their burger business. Without this clear purpose, they would have flounde...

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The Church and Evangelism

The recent Super Study weekend with Pastor Mike Riccardi was a real blessing and encouragement to us as a church on many levels. It affirmed for us what our calling is by highlighting biblical themes like God's Mission, the believer's Motivation for Evangelism, and the Message God has given us to share. I would like to highlight three areas so that we can stay fruitful to ...

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Lighting a Gospel Flame

The church is the method that God uses to get the gospel to the lost. ...

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