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Three Consistent Themes

In the short history of Grace Bible Church, there have been three emphases in our church: preaching, life on life discipleship, and missions. Preaching, life on life discipleship, and missions are biblical and they should drive all faithful churches. ...

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The Pursuit of God

The believer’s life should be lived in the pursuit of knowing God. Many have rightly defined the pursuit of God as the study of theology, also described as the science of God. The term theology has nothing to do with a science per se as we know scientific study. How can a God that is so awesome be measured and tested to give us a science of God? The simple answer is that...

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The Scariest Words in the Bible, Part I

When we read the Bible, we are mostly looking for hope and comfort for the days ahead. However, surprisingly, we stumble across passages that reach out and bite us like a rattlesnake hidden in the pages. Ouch!...

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Biblical Confrontation: When to Confront Sin

Is every sin worthy of confrontation? When do we confront a sin in a fellow believer’s life and when do we give grace?...

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Sinful Patters in Avoiding Conflict

The Bible reminds us that if we are not careful, as believers, we can rip one another apart over matters that lead to conflict...

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Building Walls or Building Bridges?

The life we live and the words we say are either building walls or building bridges. ...

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Repentance or Worldly Sorrow?

The grief we feel when we are caught in sin is a momentary, worldly grief resulting from being caught with our hand in the cookie jar....

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