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What To Look For

"We will not have Jesus Christ at the center of our church services if we do not have his Word at the center. It is the Word of God that brought the Church of God into existence, and it is the ministry of the Word of God that is the wellspring and center of the church's life. The church in its local manifestation is the group of people who assemble around the ministry of t...

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Is the Bible Enough for Teaching Us to Pray?

In our current blog post series, we have been asking the question, "Is the Bible sufficient?" This week we are going to look at how God's Word teaches us to pray. The Bible is our guidebook on prayer. It tells us how to pray and what to pray for. Notice how detailed the Bible is about the what and how of prayer: Colossians 4:2, "Devote yourself to prayer, keeping alert in...

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The Fear of Authority and Submission

One the most common places we see sin manifested is in the areas of authority and submission. It is quite evident that one effect of sin is fear. We live in a pretty scary world, yet the most common command in the Bible is not to fear. We are also afraid of not getting what we feel we deserve. Whether we are talking about the church or the world, we can see that sin has co...

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