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Theology Impacting Outreach, Part II

The great mysteries of the Christian faith can be summed up by a few doctrines, the Trinity, Creation, God's desire to save sinners. And one, I find quite mysterious, the two natures of Christ, commonly referred to as the Hypostatic Union. Not mysterious, like weird, but more like hard to understand. What is so mysterious about the natures of Christ? Namely, that two whole...

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Theology Impacting Outreach

Have you ever given much thought to how Jesus' incarnation should impact our outreach? Consider God's greatest wonder, the Incarnation. The eternal Son of God willingly became one of us. God did the unspeakable. He came into our world, into our culture, into our space and time. Jesus subjected Himself to an alien environment to reach the lost. In his book, The Person of Ch...

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Knowing God: Apostles’ View of Jesus’ Pre-Incarnation

Since the birth of the Church, there have been ongoing attacks against the person of Jesus Christ. The attacks on Jesus continue, even in our modern era....

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Knowing God: Jesus before the Incarnation

Did you know that both the Old and New Testaments speak of the glory of Christ before the Incarnation? This is commonly referred to as the pre-existence of Christ. The pre-existence of Christ is seen throughout the Scriptures. This is not a new doctrine. It is a doctrine Jesus affirms, the Apostles taught, and the church has accepted throughout history....

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The God Who Became Man

If we are to understand who Jesus Christ is, we need to see what the Bible clearly teaches about the true identity of Christ. ...

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