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Titus 2 Women

The role of women in western society is moving faster away from God's design than ever before. The first women's conference was held in Seneca Falls in 1848 launching a movement that would reshape the traditional roles of women in society. This inaugural event took up matters of social, civil, and religious rights of women. The goals of Seneca Falls, which were reasonabl...

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Three Consistent Themes

In the short history of Grace Bible Church, there have been three emphases in our church: preaching, life on life discipleship, and missions. Preaching, life on life discipleship, and missions are biblical and they should drive all faithful churches. ...

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Theology Impacting Outreach, Part III

Theology Impacting Outreach We have been exploring Christ's wondrous Incarnation and His two natures and how they ought to make an impact on our lives. We can see that God is radically committed to His glory and that through the salvation of sinners, His glory is best demonstrated. How does this theology motivate us in our efforts to reach a lost and dying world? I want ...

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Theology Impacting Outreach, Part II

The great mysteries of the Christian faith can be summed up by a few doctrines, the Trinity, Creation, God's desire to save sinners. And one, I find quite mysterious, the two natures of Christ, commonly referred to as the Hypostatic Union. Not mysterious, like weird, but more like hard to understand. What is so mysterious about the natures of Christ? Namely, that two whole...

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Theology Impacting Outreach

Have you ever given much thought to how Jesus' incarnation should impact our outreach? Consider God's greatest wonder, the Incarnation. The eternal Son of God willingly became one of us. God did the unspeakable. He came into our world, into our culture, into our space and time. Jesus subjected Himself to an alien environment to reach the lost. In his book, The Person of Ch...

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What To Look For

"We will not have Jesus Christ at the center of our church services if we do not have his Word at the center. It is the Word of God that brought the Church of God into existence, and it is the ministry of the Word of God that is the wellspring and center of the church's life. The church in its local manifestation is the group of people who assemble around the ministry of t...

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Blessed Fruit from the Reformation

On October 31, 1517, 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, setting motion what we call the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation Era moved us back to the truth given to us by the Apostles. The return to the Scriptures opened the treasure chest of biblical truth reflected in the Five Solas of the Reforma...

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The Reformation

The Protestant Reformation, one the most significant events in history, is often overlooked. However, this year we will take the month of October to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of this magnificent event. Why is it so important to understand what took place during this time? It was during the Reformation that the Bible was rediscovered. From the 13th-15th century, th...

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Don't Blame Me

Since the beginning of mankind, the blame shifting syndrome of passing the responsibility for our actions to another person has existed. In Genesis 3:12, we have the first incident of blame shifting when God confronts Adam on his sin of eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam then shifts the blame toward God and his wife, Eve. This type of behavior has pla...

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Is Tithing for Today?

For those of us that have grown up in the church, there are a few words we have become accustomed to hearing such as worship, prayer, preaching, communion, and tithing. In many churches, the word tithe has been the benchmark as it relates to giving to God. Is this the biblical standard for giving for believers in the New Testament (NT) church? The word tithe or tithing l...

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