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Sinful Patters in Avoiding Conflict

The Bible reminds us that if we are not careful, as believers, we can rip one another apart over matters that lead to conflict...

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The Importance of Preaching

The move of many mainline churches has been to remove the pulpit and replace it with a cultural conversation, rather than opening the Bible and explaining its contents....

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Building Walls or Building Bridges?

The life we live and the words we say are either building walls or building bridges. ...

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Repentance or Worldly Sorrow?

The grief we feel when we are caught in sin is a momentary, worldly grief resulting from being caught with our hand in the cookie jar....

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Those God Uses

When we think about those God uses for His glory, we often think that God only uses the gifted, educated, and the cerebrally advanced, and not to forget, those with large bank accounts. This type of thinking is definitely wrong and far from the truth...

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Koinonia Groups

At Grace, one of the primary ways we build a culture of discipleship is by cultivating fellowship with each other through our Koinonia Groups....

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Building Strong Leaders

Establishing a Gospel-centered church begins and ends with developing and appointing qualified leaders....

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Grace Kids

Grace Kids is designed to provide parents a useful tool in shepherding their children to the knowledge of God and to salvation (Jer. 9:23-24)....

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God’s Justice

The Bible without a doubt makes it clear that God will punish the wicked. Just listen to Nahum 1:2, “A jealous and avenging God is the LORD. The LORD takes vengeance on His adversaries.” ...

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The Authority of the Church

We live in an anti-authority age where all authority seems intrusive and overbearing because we have been told we are leaders of our own lives and we are answerable to no one. ...

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