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How sound is your commitment to Lord Jesus Christ? Is your commitment to God based on what God does for you? I am afraid that much of evangelical beliefs are focused on a doctrine that teaches God is our servant and is here for our happiness.

If we survey Scripture with just a little effort, we will discover this is not true. In the life of Job, for example, we see a man that faced very difficult circumstances but never turned His back on God. What we learn from Job’s story is that Satan was accusing God of protecting Job and that this was the basis of Job’s relationship with God (Job 1:9-10).

However, Satan was wrong about his assessment of Job’s love for God. As you read and study the life of Job, one thing stands clear: Job’s character. He was a righteous man that loved God (Job 1:1,4-5). Even in the face of severe trials, the loss of his family, his possession, and his health, Job never blamed God for these horrible events. Also, we must remember that Job had no clue what was taking place in the heavens. Job’s love and commitment couldn’t be shaken by his closest friends, his wife who encouraged him to curse God and die (Job 2:9-10). Job was not looking for something from God but already understood that God had given him everything (Job1:21-22). Job’s commitment to God is breathtaking!

Could the same be said of you?Do you put a price tag on your commitment to God? What if you were placed in a Job’s situation, would you still worship, serve and love God? Is our commitment to God, a Job-like commitment, or a weak faith that is not genuine (James 2:14)? When we look intently at Job’s life, he had the type of faith in God that made him say, “Though He slay me, I will hope in Him.” (Job 13:15) This is a staggering commitment to Christ even in the face of death. Job’s faith in God was not shaken.

Job’s commitment to God was rooted in this faith in God. If we are not truly born again, we will not have a commitment to Christ, because we have not learned to treasure Christ and the gospel. The gospel is something that we could never earn: forgiveness, peace, removal of wrath, redemption from sin and many other wonderful truths. These are the foundations for our commitment to Christ. It is not what God does for us that secures our commitment; it is the overwhelming appreciation of His grace that motivates our commitment to Him.